About Us

Codekeeper was founded by people from the technology industry. It made no sense to us that source code escrow would not be directly integrated with modern software development platforms. So we built a completely new modernized platform for source code escrow that combines traditional legal security with modern technology workflows.

After our soft launch 5 years ago, we also launched the SaaS edition of Codekeeper 3 years ago. Currently we proudly serve many customers from all around the world.


Data security runs deep in our DNA. We maintain world class physical and digital security in every aspect of our service. Read more about our security practices here.


Software escrow is comparable to your home insurance, you need it but fortunately it's almost never called upon. It's a must-have that should be as affordable as possible. This is reflected in our pricing philosophy.

We keep costs low to get started and only in case you need it, you pay for solid legal analysis when an escrow release is triggered. It's simple, in-line with your needs and saves you thousands of dollars that you normally pay upfront.

Proud to be trusted by many leading companies around the world:

  • Pepsi
  • General Electric
  • Daimler
  • Bayer
  • Nestle

We’d like to welcome the chance to
work with your organization too!

- Team Codekeeper

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