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Source code escrow for developers

Codekeeper is an easy to use solution for software developers and publishers to provide their clients with source code escrow as part of their service level and/or license agreements.

Setup Escrow

Works with all popular software development platforms, like Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab and MS Visual Studio.

Supported Platforms

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Manage the entire escrow process from a single easy to use Dashboard.

Escrow agreement included 

A legally sound escrow agreement comes with each Codekeeper account.

Codekeeper keeps your source code safe during the escrow

and releases it to your licensees/beneficiaries when a verified release event occurs.

Source code repositories 

Codekeeper integrates directly with your established workflows on Github and other popular SCM-platforms. Source code deposits into the escrow are encrypted and fully automated. You are always in compliance!

Beneficiary management

Easily add your licensees as beneficiary of the deposited source code in escrow and keep them up to date. Confirmations are automated. No more paperwork!

Release terms 

Specify for each beneficiary which source code repositories they should receive and under which conditions they should be released. Manage complex agreements with ease.

Quick recovery 

Assure your clients of quick recovery in the event of a release event, with included Beneficiary accounts (Business Plans and up). They can login and initiate release procedures.

Why people choose Codekeeper

Industry leading pricing 

Our pricing model is completely different from traditional providers. Stop paying expensive lawyers who don’t understand modern software development.

Ease of use 

Codekeeper fits directly into modern development and source code management workflows. No need for CD-Roms or other manual data storage procedures.

Fits companies of any size 

Our clients range from single developers, right up to global software publishers from around the globe. Have needs that we haven’t mentioned here? Contact us.

Close more deals 

Use escrow to eliminate risk for your clients and you will experience why software escrow is often referred to as ‘the great sales enabler’.

As seen on:


Developer Plan 



($199/setup fee)



Escrow Agreement

2 Source Code Repositories

2 Escrow Beneficiaries

Setup Escrow

Straightforward pricing plans that fit software companies of any size.

Team Plan 



($199/setup fee)



Escrow Agreement

5 Source Code Repositories

10 Escrow Beneficiaries

Setup Escrow

Most Popular

Business Plan 



($199/setup fee)



Escrow Agreement

15 Source Code Repositories

30 Escrow Beneficiaries

Setup Escrow

Enterprise Plan 



($199/setup fee)



Escrow Agreement

30 Source Code Repositories

Unlimited Escrow Beneficiaries

Setup Escrow

All plans include:

Unlimited Continuous Deposits

• Beneficiary Confirmations

• Escrow Setup Assistance

Haven’t found what you need? Send us a message.


Written Agreements 




If you require a written agreement for some of your beneficiaries you can easily order and download it, including all (custom) release terms for that beneficiary.

More add-ons available on request. Send us a message with your needs.

Release Event Validation




If a release event is triggered, validation of the release conditions before release is charged on an hourly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you also support other source code deposit methods?  

Yes, we also support SFTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, email and others. Let us know your needs and we’ll see how we can make that work.


Can you tell me more about how you protect data?

Deposited source code is encrypted in a single process when taking deposit. The encrypted source code is backed up at different locations around the world. The decryption keys are in our safes, which are inside a bankbuilding. The codes only come out when a release event occurs.


Can you provide us with a copy of the escrow agreement?  

Please send us an email and we’ll send you an excerpt of the agreement based on typical terms. Please keep in mind that the terms can be customised to suit your license agreement.


Can I pay by invoice? 

Yes, you can. You will be billed for 1 year of service and additionally receive a 20% discount. Please email [email protected] if you'd like to receive an invoice to start your subscription.


What payment methods do you support? 

We support all mayor credit cards. Subscriptions are processed using Chargebee and payments are processed using Stripe. So you may see these names appear on your credit card statement.


Will I get a VAT invoice? 

Yes, if you enter your VAT information during signing up you'll receive an invoice specifying the VAT amounts. All listed prices are excl. VAT.


When does the escrow process start? 

After signing up for your plan you will receive on boarding information via email, that includes links to register your repositories and to add counter parties to them. We'll support you through the process to get all your code secured.


Does CodeKeeper have access to the content that's deposited under escrow? 

No, to ensure complete security and guarantee full integrity the deposited content is encrypted and stored in an automated process.


Where is the code under escrow stored? 

We backup all encrypted escrow content at several undisclosed locations around the world.


In which countries do your operate?  

Our HQ is located in The Netherlands, which provides us with a internationally acclaimed (location of the international courts) high legal standard. We service the world from this location.


Do you offer data escrow services? 

Yes, we can provide escrow for your data and databases too. Due to the complexity of those setups we can only provide pricing after receiving information from you about the requirements. Engagements start at $199/month.

Haven’t found the answer you were looking for? Send us a message with your question.

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