Works with all popular software
development platforms.

  • Visual Studio Source Code Escrow
  • Gitlab Source Code Escrow
  • Bibucket Source Code Escrow
  • Github Source Code Escrow
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Proud to be trusted by many leading companies around the world:

  • Pepsi
  • General Electric
  • Daimler
  • Bayer
  • Nestle

The traditional way of source code escrow

The old way of establishing software escrow doesn't fit the fast moving
software industry of today:

  • For software developers

  • Manual and outdated deposits

  • Expensive lawyer driven paper process

  • Not scalable across many customers

  • SLA non-compliance liability as a result

  • For software licensors

  • Recovery problems due to old versions

  • No recovery support available

  • Hard to scale across many suppliers

  • No control over supplier SLA compliance

  • For development outsourcing

  • Process doesn't work with development

  • No integrated verification options

  • Doesn't fit continuous deployment setups

  • Complex to resolve conflicts

How it Works

Manage your entire escrow process from a single easy to use Dashboard.
Works for a single escrow, but also for hundreds!

Codekeeper Dashboard


Codekeeper integrates directly with developer workflows on Github and other popular SCM-platforms. Source code deposits into the escrow are encrypted and fully automated. You are always in compliance!

Codekeeper Escrow Agreement Setup


A legally sound escrow agreement comes with each Codekeeper account. Together we customize it to fit your situation. No lawyer required!

Codekeeper Release Terms


Specify for each beneficiary which source code repositories they should receive and under which conditions they should be released. Manage complex agreements with ease.

Codekeeper Beneficiary Management


Easily add your licensees as beneficiary of the deposited source code in escrow and keep them up to date. Confirmations are automated. No more paperwork!



We can also store your application data for you. From scheduled snap-shots to full real-time database streaming is possible.

Let us know your requirements.


Need to provide additional assurance about the contents of the deposited code? We offer different levels of verification. They can be requested at any time when the software escrow is active. Get more information



If you are the beneficiary you can add suppliers and initiate new escrows with a few clicks. We automated the legal process so there's no waiting on local lawyers no matter in which country your supplier is located.



If you need software-as-a-service escrow, you have found the right partner. Due to the number of possible configurations this always requires a custom quote. Please contact us with your requirements.

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    No Coding Required

    Using Codekeeper requires no coding. The technical part of the setup can be completed in minutes!

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    End-to-End Encryption

    All data is secured at all times, both in transit and at rest with AES256 encryption. Security is always our first priority.

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    Quick Recovery

    Assure your clients of quick recovery if there’s a release event. Release procedures are processed 24/7/365.

  • Group
    Beneficiary Accounts

    Beneficiaries can log in, review escrow status and initiate release procedures.

Supported Platforms

Works with all popular software development platforms, like Github, Bitbucket, Amazon CodeCommit, Gitlab, MS Visual Studio/Azure DevOps and many others.

Open Source Code Escrow

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Source code escrow is a great service, and one that ALL developers who do client contract work should look into.

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Excellent service. This is easily the best way to handle it for both yourself and the client.

Product Hunt Quote Codekeeper

Codekeeper is a new service for creating escrow agreements for code, specifying the legal circumstances where source code can be accessed.

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Are you an advisor?

We support you in setting up source code escrow for your clients.

Open escrow for your client

Why People Choose Codekeeper

Our clients range from single developers all the way up to big software publishers from

around the globe. Have needs that we haven’t mentioned here? Contact us.

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    Our model is completely different from traditional providers. Stop paying expensive lawyers who don’t understand modern software development.

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    Codekeeper fits directly into modern development and source code management workflows. No need for USB sticks or other manual procedures.

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    Use escrow to eliminate risk for your clients and you will experience why software escrow is often referred to as ‘the great sales enabler’.

Trusted partner of these great brands from around the world…

  • Airbus Source Code Escrow
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  • Slate Digital Source Code Escrow
  • Colorado State Source Code Escrow

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